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Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
recovery. >> people will save on gasoline when they have to spend on other parts of the economy, which slows economic growth. >> gasoline took the biggest slice out of the family pie last year than any other year in the decade. popup advertisements, getting worse on your mobile device. these annoying advertisements are likely here to stay. chris explains. >> just like on your desktop, they are popping up on your smart phone, at a pace so maddening they have been given their own unique an appropriate name. >> this is a new genre of global advertising, madware. >> madware, mobil ad where the pops up as to settle into a game of angry birds. angry birds is one of the most common ways that it gets in your device. >> we have seen an increase in the number of apps that had madware characteristics. >> they said no one should be surprised. apps are the easiest way in. >> an official ring town or wallpaper on the device. >> he says it is not illegal, just annoying, and norton has a device that can help. >> it is called spot, it will analyze apps on your tablet. >> after analysis, you can remove
Feb 21, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> we do not need these automatic,-spending cuts that could hurt our economy and military readiness. >> house speaker john boehner asked of the president, what is he doing to stop the sequester that would hollow out our armed forces? as politicians squabble over who should give what in negotiations, defense secretary leon panetta is overseas talking with nato about how the budget cuts could impact allies internationally. >> companies in maryland are plenty concerned that cuts and furloughs in the pentagon may hurt their bottom lines. the howard county chamber of commerce has launched a new venture to build relationships between the defense department of local contractors. sequestration is putting future government projects up in the air. >> 2/3 of our volume comes from the intelligence community. it is a huge impact. we're looking for some certainty. >> most of the companies we spoke to said they don't expect immediate personnel changes, because most projects are already paid for. the future is their main concern. still ahead, i will chat with jilliam michaels. she has a new book ou
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
jobs. >> these cuts are not smart, not fair, they will hurt our economy. >> the president wants to replace the cuts with revenue. house speaker john boehner say the revenue debate is closed. >> republicans are uncomfortable with these cuts, but they want to see spending cuts implemented. >> lawmakers are feeling the pinch. >> the american people are expecting us to be serious about this. >> a new deficit reduction plans he by erskine bowles and alan simpson would cut the deficit by $2.40 trillion over 10 years. >> both camps have got to get out of our comfort zone and make tough decisions. >> lawmakers are likely to call or changes to health care and social security and the tax code. at this point, it looks like we will pit the sequestered for a period of time. >> because those cuts which impact federal agencies, airport security lines could get a lot longer. airports across the country will see staffing cuts on march 1 if the federal budget cuts go through a schedule. employees in airport security, customs, and air traffic control would join those in the pentagon taking forced fur
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3